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Whatever your goal with your equine partner, we are here to help, whether it be showing,  owning your own horse, horse management, or just learning to ride safely.  Greenridge is here to provide you with a wonderful learning experience with the education and support needed to meet your equine goals!

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About Us:

 We are an eventing barn located minutes off of I-75, north of Atlanta and Acworth, GA offering Eventing, Hunter Jumper and Dressage lessons to youth and adults in a fun, safe family environment. Greenridge offers instruction for beginners to advanced and include services for boarding, training, lessons, camps, shows, clinics and our own equestrian team!


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Phone: 770-975-3916

Mission Statement: Greenridge Strives to provide a positive and an empowering environment for our boarders and our students at our excellent facility.


55 East Greenridge Road

Cartersville, GA


Beth: 770-975-3916


Sarah (Lessons): 770-757-0398

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May 10th: Upcoming Show & Other Recent News

This past weekend our Greenridge kids went to the Foxberry show and did great! We had 9 kids go to the show, and keep an eye out for pictures to be posted to Facebook! Next weekend we are going to Ashland for a trail ride and cross-country schooling, and the weekend after that is the Greenridge barn show! You can sign up at the barn or you can find the entry form on this website by clicking on Calendar > Events. Please let Sarah or Beth know if you have any questions. Sarah will be out of the country May 18th-May 30th, however, so if you need something during that time please ask Beth or Bonnie instead if possible.






Apr 3rd by Sarah: Spotted Hills Horse Show

This past weekend Amber on Cocoa, Ali on Storm, and Brooke on Eddie all went to the Spotted

Hills 3-phase show and did awesome!! Amber got 1st place in the Tadpole 3-phase, Brooke got

1st in the BN Jumper, and all 3 of them got lots of ribbons! I'm looking forward

to more shows with these 3 as they have progressed quite a lot in the past year alone!





Mar 29th by Sarah:   Greenridge Horse Show & Upcoming Shows

Great job to everyone who participated at the horse show at Greenridge last weekend!!

Big thanks to all of our volunteers, we could not have done it without you! There are lots

of pictures up on the Greenridge Facebook.


We have a few shows coming up in the next few months. April 23rd we will be attending

the 4-H show at the Georgia International Horse Park in Conyers, if you are interested

in attending with us and did not receive an email, please email Sarah. May 7th we will

be attending the Foxberry 3-phase show. Both of these shows are close and will be one

day shows, so they will fill up quickly. Please sign up now if you are interested in going!

Our next barn show will be May 21st, so most of you guys should be able to do that and

will be here as school doesn't get out until the next week. Look for the entry

form for that closer to May.






Mar 14th by Sarah:                          Kingston Downs Hunter Pace

Everyone from Greenridge did awesome at the Hunter Pace this spring! All 15 of our

riders out of 149 riders total placed in the top 6 in their divisions, we ended up with

three 1sts, three 2nds, three 3rds. three 4ths, two 5ths, and one 6th!




Mar 2nd by Sarah:                             Greenridge Horse Show & Barn Updates

The Greenridge horse show entry form is now posted on the website, under the

Calendar>Events. Please see Beth, Sarah or Bonnie to get your entries in.

Cherokee is not at Greenridge anymore, she now has a new owner. We have Tez back on

trial again for lessons. We have lots of shows planned for the upcoming months, so be sure

to talk to Sarah or Beth if you want to attend any of them with Greenridge!



Feb 28th by Sarah:                               Ashland Horse Show

Good job to Tabitha, Ali, Lizzie, Emily, Brooke and Amber at the Ashland horse show!!

The kids who competed in dressage and CT classes got two 2nds and two 3rds, and we

got to school the cross country course and practice water jumps, ditches (first time), banks,

and other new cross-country jumps. The ponies and kids were exhausted by the time

we got back to the barn Saturday evening but it was a very successful show! Congrats kids!





Jan23rd by Sarah:                             Updates


We got our first snow of 2016 last night and this morning! The NATRC Clinic last weekend went really well, we had over 20 riders!

Look out for the clinic to be back next year if you missed it this year. In other news, Cocoa is now back at the barn and Poncho went back to

Katyas. We will get Zorro back in March for those of you who miss Zorro!




Jan 5th by Sarah:                           Ponies!


We went out to Katya's farm over the weekend to visit with Cocoa and

Zorro. They are both doing well and will be coming back probably in March!

They are loving life there being able to just eat food and graze all day in

their pasture.

Here's a picture of Amber riding Cocoa over at Katya's.




Dec 16th by Sarah:             Holiday Schedule


Hi everyone!


Just a reminder that we will not be doing regular lessons from

December 21-January 4 unless specifically requested or worked out

with one of the instructors.


Happy Holidays!



Dec 12 by Teresa:            NATRC Clinic


Come and join us to learn all about NATRC!  NATRC stands for North American Trail Ride Conference. NATRC is divided up into different regions.  This region is Region 5.  In Region 5 we do competitions from Virginia to Florida and in between.  The focus on the competitions is the health of the horse.  No horse who does not pass a vet inspection is allowed to compete.  While the focus is on the health of the horse, the ability of the rider is also judged.  Each competition includes a vet judge and a horsemanship judge.  


NATRC is not a race, although you do have a time frame you must complete your ride in.  In order for this to happen, you must learn to pace yourself.  You do have a map and specific spots on the map to indicate your progress in the ride.  


When you decide to do your first competition, you will be assigned a mentor.  This mentor will help you learn the ins and outs of an actual ride and ride with you.  The judges are not out to get you, they are out to help you learn.  In each ride I have done, it's like going to a month's worth of individual lessons!  You actually bring home a report card for both you and your horse.  Then it's time to practice more!  


In addition, the people of NATRC are wonderful!  At my first ride, as soon as I pulled into the lot, I had a group of ladies swoop in and take over to help me set up camp and get registered.  I never felt so welcomed!  


We would love to have you come and learn about this wonderful sport and join us in competing!  The more the merrier and the sweeter the wins!  

Feel free to call me, Teresa Wolf, at 770-843-9056 if you have any further questions.


I hope to meet you at the clinic and I would love to mentor some new riders at a competition!


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